The Bionas DiscoveryTM 2500 system enables the label-free and real-time monitoring of 

  • extracellular acidification rate as a measure of glycolysis,
  • O2-consumption as a measure of mitochondrial respiration,
  • and the cellular impedance, a measure of adhesion/confluence and membrane integrity.


The Bionas DiscoveryTM 2500 system can be used to monitor cellular bioenergetics and cellular adhesion from minutes to days, including potential regeneration after withdrawal of the test compound to test the reversibility of drug effects in the same assay.

The system works without the use of any label and acquires the data in real-time. Applications are in:

  • Toxicology
  • Oncology
  • Cell Culture & Media optimization
  • Stem cells & regeneration
  • Pre-clinical drug evaluation