Cell Culture & Media Optimization

The composition of the test medium has been shown to be of major importance concerning sensitivity of the cell system following exposure to test substances and the signal stability during experiments.

To ensure continuous reproducibility of tests when using primary cells as well as cell lines, the optimization of the media composition, the quality management and standardization of cells is of major importance. With the Bionas DiscoveryTM 2500 system the bioenergetic and morphological status can be monitored as distinct characteristics of a cell population. The media composition can be optimized accordingly to optimize the susceptibility of the corresponding cell type in the assay.

Effects of glucose concentration on acidification, respiration and impedance/adhesion

Fig. Medopt 1A:

Effects of glucose concentration (black: 4,5 g/l, red: 1g/l, green: without) on acidification (A), respiration (B) and impedance/adhesion (C) on HepG2 cells)
Fig. Medopt 1B:

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Fig. Medopt 1C:

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