The Bionas DiscoveryTM 2500 system detects physiological parameters of living cells and tissue slices in a label-free and non-invasive assay. Cells are placed on a sensor chip and supplied with medium in a perfusion system. The multi-parametric sensor chip continuously measures:

  • the oxygen consumption
  • the extracellular acidification

Both parameters determine the acute rates of the cellular energy metabolism (bioenergetics).

  • the cell impedance

This parameter detects alterations in the cellular adhesion/confluence and morphology

The perfusion system supplies the cells with nutrients and ensures a defined cell environmental condition throughout the whole experiment.

Long-term studies and regeneration
The perfusion system allows for parameter recordings over several days and enables the researcher:

  • to monitor cellular responses to drug exposure in long-term studies
  • to estimate recovery afterwards for the same cell population
  • to collect information on adaptation effects after repeated drug exposure

The Bionas DiscoveryTM adcon reader is a versatile system for real-time, label-free analysis of impedance/adhesion in convenient 96 well format. The impedance technology allows non-invasive monitoring of dynamic cellular events for screening applications and laboratory research. Effects on

  • cell adhesion
  • cell shape and volume
  • cell-cell interactions
  • cell viability
  • cell number / proliferation
  • cell morphology

are translated into digital time-resolved signals.

Applications for the Bionas DiscoveryTM adcon reader are:

  • receptor activation analysis, e.g. GPCR assays
  • toxicity screening
  • chemo-sensitivity of cancer cells
  • drug discovery
  • membrane integrity analysis
  • cell culture optimization