Products & Services

Our product range comprehends instrumentation and consumables for label-free and real-time cell assays.


Single-parameter Instruments

  • The  Bionas DiscoveryTM adcon reader is a versatile instrument for real-time monitoring of cellular impedance in convenient 96 well format. The impedance technology allows the lable-free monitoring of dynamic cellular events for screening applications and laboratory research.




Multi-parameter Instruments

  • The Bionas DiscoveryTM 2500 systems are multi-parameter instruments to monitor extra cellular acidification, O2-consumption and cellular impedance in real-time. The Bionas DiscoveryTM 2500 system enables the short- and long-term monitoring of all three metabolic parameters in parallel, including regeneration effects, and can be used for the monitoring of cell lines, primary cells and tissue biopsies.
  • The generated dynamic data provide important real-time information regarding the biological status of the cells such as cell growth, arrest, morphological changes, dynamic changes in the energy metabolism, i.e. the glycolytic activity and mitochondrial respiration in a time-resolved manner thus overcoming limitations of usual endpoint assays.

Bionas multi-parameter instruments are available as:

  • Bionas DiscoveryTM 2500 system, 6 Biomodule instrument
  • Bionas DiscoveryTM 1500 system, 2 Biomodule instrument

Both instruments have a temperature working range from ambient to 37C and are also available with a cooling option and an Hypoxia hood.